I Won’t, said Willow

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Why won't Willow give Mum's visitors a kiss? Is she being naughty? It's lucky she has an understanding adult to talk to, who helps her sort out good secrets and bad secrets – and helps teach Mum about listening when Willow stands up for her body boundaries.


Available now!

Willow’s in trouble with Mum. She won’t greet Mum’s guests with a hug and a kiss like Mum expects. But Willow has been told to keep an uncomfortable secret by one of Mum’s visitors, and she’s saying NO the only way she can. It’s not till Aunt Terry turns up at school that Willow learns about good secrets and bad secrets, and what to do with the bad secret she’s holding inside. This picture book empowers children to say NO to unwanted touch by family and friends – the most common source of child sexual assault – without frightening them or giving too much information. It also discusses how to find a safe person to confide in. A digital handbook written in consultation with Sarah Rasdall, a survivor of child sexual assault, helps parents and teachers understand how a child thinks, and how forcing a child to ignore their body instincts confuses them when a sexual predator strikes.

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